Lost Girls Guide discovers the NorthEast in Toyota CHR Hybrid

Discover the North East in our stunning low emissions CHR!
Amazing 5 days partnering with international travel blogger The Lost Girl's Guide to Finding the World and Louth Adventures,to explore the stunning North East this week! Our #SelfChargingHybrid CHR Sport was the perfect way to do it, sleek, spacious and sporty! We've some unreal shots from all around Louth to share with you! #MalonesToyota #MalonesToyota #Louth #Drogheda #TourismIreland

Ashlyn started her adventure in stunning Carlingford and tested our CHR in the Cooley Mountains right down to the harbour!! Took on some unexpected hail in the historic Newgrange!

Ashlyn made a quick stop in our garage to pick out her favourite #SelfChargingHybrid.... the Corolla Touring Sport would be perfect for her home town in Canada. Corolla Touring has ample space for all her adventure gear/ great spec especially heated seats to keep her warm and has great sporty finish for crusing around the mountains!