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  • Supra - GR Premium - Coupe

    Supra GR Premium

    • +
      12 speaker JBL audio
    • +
      8.8" multimedia display with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto TM
    • +
      Head Up Display

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    Financing Details

    Automatic (8 speed) | 2WD
    • CO2 Combined WLTP
      183 g/km
    • Fuel Combined WLTP
      8.1 litres/100 km

Dynamic Performance & Handling

Combining a short wheelbase and wide track, the GR Supra achieves the perfect “golden ratio” – making it wholly fun to drive even in the most demanding scenarios.
  • Pure feeling Responsive variable ratio sport-tuned electric power steering and available rear adaptive variable sport-tuned suspension help Supra handle like a dream. Whether driving uphill, cornering a tight bend or on a high friction surface, manual transmission grades feature Hairpin+ which delivers excellent stability and control.
  • Active sound design The Toyota GR Supra is equipped with two selectable driving sounds. For everyday driving, Normal provides refined motoring that’s perfect at the end of the day, while Sport delivers spine-tingling high tones and racing-inspired pops during downshifts.
  • Instant acceleration 3.0 l engine with exhilarating revs and smooth, direct acceleration at a mind-bending 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds.

Racing DNA

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  • Racing inspired design

    Chief Designer, Nobuo Nakamura, gave a simple brief for the Toyota GR Supra: the concept of ‘Condensed Extreme’ – evident in its long bonnet, compact body and wide stance. A captivating fusion of design as alluring as it is powerful. GR Supra was built without compromise.

  • Exclusive matte paint

    Stand out from the crowd with the exclusive Matte Moonstone White exterior paint.

  • Exclusive interior trim 

    GR Supra Special Edition features an exclusive, coordinated Tan leather interior, beautifully highlighting the cockpit shaping.

  • Badge of honour

    New GR Supra Special Edition’s white exterior colour makes the red Supra badge ‘pop-out’ for all to see.

  • Racing cockpit

    Influenced by single-seater racing cars built for the track, the Toyota GR Supra cockpit puts you at the centre of it all. Located around the purposeful, three-spoke steering wheel, a head-up display and digital combi-meter combine to give you all the information needed, when you need it most.

Live Wall 

The Toyota GR Supra Live Wall compiles the latest Toyota GR Supra appearances including news from Toyota and highlights from across the world of social media.

Take a Spin with GR Supra

The GR Supra is racing inspired, inside and out to give you the best drive.
  • 1 Racing inspired aerodynamics

    TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has been instrumental in honing the GR Supra’s performance. By drawing on its international motorsport expertise, the GR Supra’s design achieves aerodynamic drag characteristics, as well as an ideal 50:50 front/rear weight balance.

  • 2 Driver centric interior

    Influenced by the layout of single seater racing cars, the interior of the GR Supra puts you at the centre of the action. Located around the responsive three spoke steering wheel, a head up display* and dual dials combine to give you all the information needed, when you need it.

  • 3 Pure feeling

    The GR Supra has been conceived as a sports car in its purest form. It is engineered to combine a short wheelbase and wide track and, as a result, provides exceptional agility and stability.

Safety First

When a sports car performs at this level, safety is paramount. The GR Supra range is equipped with Toyota Supra Safety+ to keep you and others around you safer.
  • 1 Blind spot monitor

    Blind spot monitor uses radar sensors to constantly observe the area in the driver’s blind spot for the presence of other vehicles. If the turn indicator is activated, the monitor warns the driver by activating an indicator in the door mirror on the appropriate side of the vehicle.

  • 2 Lane departure alert with steering control

    Using a camera to detect the lane markings in the road ahead, lane departure alert will give the driver audible and visual warnings if the vehicle starts to deviate from its lane without the indicator being applied. Steering control applies corrective force in the case of unintentional lane departure.

  • 3 Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection

    This system combines a camera with radar technology to detect cyclists and other vehicles on the road, while also detecting pedestrians in low light. When the possibility of a collision is sensed, audio and visual warnings are triggered. If the driver doesn’t react, or the brakes aren’t applied with enough pressure, the system will automatically engage to mitigate a collision.


You don’t want anything to distract you when you’re behind the wheel of the GR Supra. That’s why we’ve introduced Toyota Supra Connect, a range of connected services that makes your journey seamless.
  • 1 Remote Services

    With Toyota Supra Connect Remote Services, you can control and connect to your car to: Lock/unlock your vehicle from your smartphone; Flash your headlights; Send destinations to your navigation system; Activate climate control using your smartphone. To get started with Toyota Supra Connect you can download the app on IOS or Android.

  • 2 Concierge Services

    With our concierge service, you can benefit from a number of services including: Get directions to a nearby petrol station; Add a stop to the bank on your journey; Find a highly rated restaurant near you and input into your navigation system.

  • 3 MyT

    MyT is an app which enables you to conveniently schedule a service and book maintenance or repairs. You can also see your car’s full Toyota service history using this app.


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